Apologies to an Apple

February 2009




"Gentle Twilight"

“At only eleven years old, Maya Ganesan writes poems with humor, grace and insight that invite readers of any age into a world rich with detail. While her poems meditate on nature and the little things in life, her work is not simple in the least, but filled with an attentive curiosity and surprising freshness. I am amazed by the talent of this young poet and can only imagine the wonderful things she will bring to the literary world in her future.”

– Kelli Russell Agodon,

Author of Geography and Small Knots

“Maya Ganesan’s poetry reveals a sensibility keen with joy at the world around her and of being alive in it — the changing of leaves on the trees, the sudden meeting of eyes through the window of a crowded restaurant, the sense of being in motion alone through the streets when nobody else knows where you are, the need to apologize to an apple sitting on a desk. Her perceptions are oblique and unexpected — her delightfully quirky worldview bespeaks great promise as a poet.”

– Carolyne Wright,

Author of A Change of Maps and Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire

“The best lines from Maya’s poems are searching out the limits of the natural world. It’s a good listening poet who knows that trees do speak.”

– Margaret D. Smith,

Author of Barn Swallow and A Holy Struggle

"Surprising and vital. Break open these poems and steal the joy."

– Janet Lee Carey,

Author of Dragon's Keep and The Beast of Noor

"Maya Ganesan's poems are vividly done, simple and dramatic. They give a spark of learning from nature. The poems endure with convincing imagination, breathe sights and sounds into everyday life and absorb the beauty with excellent detail."

– Suma Subramaniam,

Author of Euphoric Natya

"Maya Ganesan's poetry wraps around the reader like 'the golden coat of afternoon.' Her glimpses of time are photographs from her world, invitations to see anew."

– Lorie Ann Grover,

Author of Hold Me Tight and On Pointe